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'Exasperated, Jordan turned to the girls and shot back: 'No one’s letting me f***ing talk! 'As Jemma pleaded: 'Let me speak, Sarah', The Promise hitmaker then shocked when she hit back: 'Why you diving in like a f***ing c**t?' Unfazed by the change in tone, Jemma mocked the stunning blonde, sighing: 'Now the pretty girl comes out with the naughty words - I thought you were a sweet innocent girl?' to which she explained: 'I am when I’ve not got people around me like you'.As the argument continued to escalate, Sarah cried: 'You’re a two faced little b***h!' which led Jordan to run back to the smoking area and plead: 'There’s no need for this now things are getting nasty.'Ignoring her pal, Jemma wouldn't back down, firing back: 'I'm two faced?

She's not the girl that you get with in here, she's the girl you leave and you take for dinner.

Trisha is an open book; vlogging and sharing all her life’s trials and tribulations to her 2.8 million subscribers.

One of her videos, ‘Our Sex Life’, has over 80 million views.

https://twitter.com/trashyhermione/status/892498539015811072 In tonight’s episode, they discuss dating girls and guys and being interested in both sexes.

Trisha rose to fame in 2006 after launching her You Tube channel ‘blndsundoll4mj’, uploading videos about her idol Quentin Tarantino.

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