Is jake owen dating anyone

We appreciate you respecting our privacy during this time.” The Florida native also tweeted, “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

We appreciate your support and privacy in this matter.” Let’s rewind to the beginning of Jake and Lacey’s relationship.

Sidelined by his injury and dealing with depression, Owen borrowed his neighbor's guitar -- and the rest is history."To pass the time, I just started teaching myself to play" he explains. I grew up listening to classic country, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard. So I kept going to class and started getting totally into playing guitar and teaching myself these songs."9.

Owen originally planned to be a professional golfer.

But the most important and permanent thing the pair has going for them is their darling daughter. “It’s hard for people to understand and judge someone else’s life.

At the end of the day, I think we made the right decision,” Owen concludes of his own relationship during a March 2016 Sirius XM’s The Highway interview.

Owen has a feather tattoo on his right bicep -- a nod, he explains, to his Native American ancestors as well a symbol of who he is today.“I’ve floated to my own tempo and wherever it takes me,” the singer tells Taste of Country. Owen's former constant travel companions were his dogs.

“It’s a symbol of peace and individuality and spirituality, and in my whole life in general I’ve always floated around in a way.”The tattoo covers up one of his now-ex-wife Lacey Buchanan's lips (the one readers will see in the photo above). Owen's trusty pup Vern retired from the road in 2011, and Merle, a dog that the singer found at a football game, took his place.

Owen returned to the club to film the video for his debut single, "Yee Haw."8. Owen might have been known as the next Tiger Woods, had he not injured his shoulder in a wakeboarding accident while in college, effectively ending his professional golf aspirations.

Together, along with Ritchey's friend, songwriter Chuck Jones ("Your Love Amazes Me," "Love a Little Stronger"), the three wrote a song called "Ghost," which Chesney expressed interest in recording. Owen's first band's name was Yee Haw Junction.

While Chesney ultimately decided not to cut the song, he made sure the aspiring star knew how much he liked the tune."Suddenly, he starts singing it back us," Owen recalls of his first encounter with his idol. The band, formed while Owen was still in college, did mostly covers, except for two originals that Owen wrote, "It's Been a While" and "8 Second Ride," the latter of which became Owen's first gold-selling single after he got his record deal.

Last August, Jake Owen and Lacey Buchanan parted ways after three years of marriage.

Informing his fans first, the country star took to Twitter to make the official announcement, “I wanted to let my fans know how much I’ve appreciated their love and support of not only my career, but my family as a whole,” the singer stated.

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